Friday, November 6, 2009

No. 34 ~ Top10 Mike Johnston~ 08

Now this is a guy you just gotta love. Mike Johnston falls under no. 8 of my list for being so awesome at drums, not to mention his comedic act while performing and teaching. For those of you who do not know who Mike Johnston is, I'll give you a short back story. He was the drummer of a rock band called Simon Says,
"Here is the third guy walking in the beginning of the video."

Years later, he opened his own drum school called "The Drum Lab" in Sacramento and started to post some cool drum licks, rudiments, beats on Youtube and that is when his fame started to shoot off the roof (Also that was when I discovered of his existence).

He is one awesome dude and I also love watching whatever new stuff he has on Youtube. Just recently, he posted a video on youtube to challenge other drummers to become better in doing some drum shedding... so I tried it out myself and ofcourse, I got thrashed by the man himself...

But even so, Mike Johnston was humble enough to leave a comment on the video...

From Mike Johnston:
RAYMOND! That was great. Your style is incredible, such a smooth flow to everything. It's a true pleasure to play with you bro. Thank you for doing this and showing drummers that we can have fun when we shed, even if we are many miles apart.

Great Job Raymond,
Mike Johnston

He is one awesome dude and worthy to be called as one the greatest drummers the world has ever seen...