Sunday, December 20, 2009

No. 35 ~ JoJo Mayer~ 07

Jojo Mayer is a guy whom I consider to be one of the most skilled drummers I have ever seen. He has mastered nearly all styles of hitting the drums with just a pair of sticks. Many of you might think that sounds like an easy thing to do but you'd be so wrong to think that. His hand/finger technique is truly amazing, it is nothing I have ever seen before. He is able to gain extreme speeds that have been considered impossible, and he can do it smoothly in a relaxed manner.

Jojo Mayer has the reputation of being extremely skilled with his technique and I find that to be 100% true. It is really a jaw dropping moment for many if not, all drummers who have seen him play the drums either on video or in person.

The method which he uses a lot is call the "moeller" method, it is one of my favorite methods to apply when I drum but I haven't fully mastered it yet. I only know this method through Jojo Mayer's videos. (thanks Jojo Mayer, if there is a possible chance that you're reading this)

If anyone can master his hand technique and apply it like the way Jojo Mayer does. It would be an amazing achievement, I've tried.... and failed... Nevertheless, it is guys like him that keeps me practicing more... to become an even better drummer that I ever was.

One awesome drummer... really love his style and skills.