Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No. 36 ~Gavin Harrison~ 06

Drummer Gavin Harrison is definitely no.6 in my top 10 favorite drummers.

Firstly, he has an amazing ability in making rhythmic illusions which has boggled my mind for a very long time. Imagine a song's time signature is in 7/8, he can make the 7/8 sound like it is in 4/4 ! That is not an easy task to do! This video is what I am talking about... the intro and verse are in 7/8 while the chorus in 4/4. Just listen to his groove, it can be very hypnotizing for a drummer (especially me).

Secondly, besides being an amazing progressive drummer, he is also very good jazz drummer and is very precise in his timing.

Thirdly, he is also a very creative and innovative percussionist and deserves credit which he has yet to have. These two videos are the proof that he is just nothing short of an awe-inspiring drummer and musician.

Finally, I admire Gavin Harrison is that he is a true musician. He once said during a Modern Drummer Interview: "I dont want to make myself sound like I am cocky and clever like, (hey, I can play in 19/16-check this out!) I want it to have a musical reason."

Videos from : www.youtube.com
Picture from: www.drummerworld.com

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