Friday, September 10, 2010

No 40. ~ Virgil Donati ~ 02

Number two on my top 10 list is an insane Australian drummer, 'Virgil Donati!" He is the psychotic drummer behind the progressive metal band "Planet X" and a former drummer for the legendary guitarist "Steve Vai!"

He has taken double bass drumming to new "alien" levels in which most people cannot comprehend! One of his trademark move that I love is his amazing speed and ability to more around the drums so effortlessly. (You can see it in this video below at precisely :50 seconds into the video)

On September 2008, I was very honored and blessed to be able to meet him at Singapore during the Singapore Drum Fest 08. He was friendly and I got a front row seat to watch Donati while he did a drum workshop.
Picture was taken during the Singapore DrumeFest 08'

And after he finished the workshop, he threw his pair of drumsticks to the crowd and believe it or not, I was one of the two people who caught it!
To Virgil Donati: Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the drums to us humans! You are an amazing drummer and will always be in my top 10 list of the greatest drummers in the world!

(Virgil Donati and Me)

Virgil Donati uses:-
  • Pearl Drums
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Vater Drumsticks
  • Remo Drumheads
Photos taken from: DrummerWorld, and from my photo album.
His official site:

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