Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No. 21 ~ Marvin McQuitty ~

Possibly one of the most admired drummers among many aspired Christians is what Teddy Campbell calls "Marvin- the Magnificent- McQuitty." And the word magnificent is just a small word for man this talented!

It began when he just 3 years old, mimicking his father playing the drums, soon it became what Marvin was destined to do.
His drumming is very well known for his groove and uncanny musicality, also not forget to mention an amazing versatility!
Because of his amazing ability to change and adapt in music, he has worked with many of today's big artist like Destiny's Child, Stevie Wonder, Mary Mary, Israel & New Breed etc.

Marvin McQuitty was brought into my attention when he performed at one of the most prestigious drumming event known to man. The Modern Drummer Festival! where he play along to one of his compositions called "Get Your Life Back". In which he performed flawlessly with tremendous fill and groove that made my eyes glued to the TV screen!

Marvin is and I quote from that
"Marvin is living his dreams, walking in his purpose and affecting the lives of thousands with his spiritual inspiration and affinity for God."

I have got to say amen to that! Currently, Marvin is now working with grammy award winner Israel Houghton in his group "Israel & New Breed".

you can catch Marvin worshipping with Israel & New Breed and Hillsong's Darlene Zschech in that video... the camera catches Marvin at 1:19/ 2:22

My salutes goes out to Marvin McQuitty, an amazing drummer for God! Amen!

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