Thursday, May 7, 2009

No. 19 ~ The Most Beautiful Woman In The World! ~

There is absolutely no one in this world,
that can compare to you.

Nobody can ever show me kindness,
like the way you do.

Who can cook such amazing meals like you?

It is your unconditional love that continues to amazes me.

No matter how I have been naughty,
you gave me the rod of discipline.

It is because of you,
that I can become the handsome, young man I am now.

Who could ever tell me stories at night,
when I was a little child.

And sang songs,
when I was afraid.

You loved me since the day I was born,
and I never knew how much it pains you that I have disobeyed you from time to time.

Yet you still show grace and embrace me in my time of need.

Whenever I am happy, you celebrate with me.

When I am sad, you comfort me.

No matter how far I go, I will always remember to love you.

No matter how old you might think you are,
you will always to me,
be the most beautiful woman in the world.
I love you mom.

Happy Mother's day.

Your son,
Raymond Goh

P/S. Remember to hug & kiss your mom on Mother's Day!


Darian said...

im gonna do my mum post pretty soon. lalala

Denise said...

Same here. Haha!