Monday, September 7, 2009

No. 32 ~ Benny Greb~ 10

As we are closing in to the drummers that I really like, I would like to name the top 10 in my list of all time favorite drummers whom I can never get tired of. From the beginning of the list. No. 10 is none other then the man who made The Art of Drumming. "Benny Greb."

His groove and style is probably one of the best of the best. He can take a simple backbeat and make it sound so inspiring! I first saw his performance on Youtube. His soloing with grooves was really simple yet jaw dropping... the groove is so awesome that you can almost taste it. I think this video speaks for itself.

Up until today, for some reason, his face just reminds me of Jesus Christ. The one that Hollywood always keeps on portraying. I see a lot of facial resemblance in him. Dont you think so...

Anyways, despite his facial figure. I really love his grooves, it just satisfies my ears very much!
Benny drumming with Johnny Rabb.
Although I like Benny's groove, this video of him snare soloing with Johnny Rabb, I think Johnny Rabb thrashed Benny but it is really cool.

P/S. For those of you who know me very well. This video on O:45. Does it sound familiar?

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