Sunday, September 20, 2009

No. 33 ~ Top10 Billy Ward~ 09

O man, Billy Ward. The ultimate "groovemeister". This dude land on my no.9 spot in my all time favorite drummers because not only does he have the most amazing grooves but also he has so much creativity with so little drums. He can use a simple 4 piece drum kit and make it sound so full... it is really amazing.

Besides such an awesome jazz drummer, he is very versatile, once you put him with a bassist, crazy things happen... I kid you not... when I saw him playing with a bassist from his "Big Time" DVD, I was blown away by the awesomeness of the music they made. It was really cool.... here's a short clip of it on Youtube...

What I like most about Billy Ward is that he just gives the oomph in every style he plays. An extremely versatile dude... and also a hilarious man...

I was doing a recording at Ps. Jonathan Tse's studio... I thought it'd be nice to jam to his song... a moment later, Ps. Jonathan decided to record me so I'm like..oh crap... gotta do something cool...and this is what happened! >.<

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