Thursday, April 30, 2009

No. 18 ~ Teddy Campbell ~

Teddy Campbell... as for as gospel drumming goes, he is probably one of the most sought after drummer! He is particularly famous for being the drummer of American Idol. He is one of my personal favorites not just because of his amazing drum fills and gospel chops, but for his amazing ability to groove to any type of music. He proves it very well on the American Idol show, when the contestants wants rock, he'll sound like a rock drummer, when it's jazz, he sounds like he has been playing jazz for all his life, and it goes on and on...

His resume is super impressive too!
Since he's the drummer for American Idol, there's no need to mention that he has performed with Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Hudson Taylor, Fantasia etc. but he also performed with Britney Spears (back when she was at the top), Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera

In 2006, he was invited to perform at the Modern Drummer Festival with many other goespel drummers like Aaron Spears (drummer for Usher), Gerald Heyward (drummer for Mary J. Blige), and Marvin McQuitty(drummer for Israel & New Breed).

Teddy at the Modern Drummer Festival.

I personally had the opportunity to meet with Teddy Campbell at the Singapore Drum Festival, and he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever see and very humble.
I not only respect him for his amazing drumming but also for his faith, during the festival said "When I play the drums, I am only ushering people into the presence of God." When he said that out loud just like that, I really wanted to shout amen! (laughs)...

watch this video at 1:47

God bless you Teddy Campbell and may the Lord shine upon you.

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