Sunday, January 4, 2009

No. 3 ~ Ps. Jaeson Ma + Jin ~

My goodness.... last time I saw Ps. Jaeson Ma was 2 years ago at the Asia For Jesus Conference, a very prophetic pastor/ a really cool rapper. He has made a huge impact in my life, when he preached in the conference, I could feel the presence of God when I was there and wept like mad because of the conviction God put in my heart during that time....Also...he's the 1st Christian, Chinese Rapper I've heard of. Those of you who finds his name familiar is probably because he's famous for getting Edison Chen (the actor who had nude photos leaked into the internet) back on track with the Lord. (The host of MTV Whatever Things)

Now, Ps. Jaeson has done it again...this time with the prestigious, freestyle rapper Jin. You know the guy who's super famous for that song "Learn Chinese". Yea... I have his album. (Yesh, I used to listened to Hip Hop and Rap like long ago before I started listening to Techno) =p

Jin - Learn Chinese

Anyways, Ps. Jaeson Ma somehow was able to meet up with Jin (I've no idea how he keeps on meeting famous people) Probably the hand of God. And he lead Jin back to Christ, which is really a shock to me. Cause, it's like, now I listen back to all the songs he(Jin) rapped's know... things not worth mentioning on my blog. So now, seeing him as a Christian and rapping about how good God is in his songs...That is like...WHOA!!!!

And oh yea... now he raps in Cantonese at HK.... and won awards already.


Get more details in Ps. Jaeson Ma's blog....Thank God for Ps. Jaeson Ma.

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