Thursday, January 8, 2009

No. 4 ~ Deal Or No Deal ~

Alright...I was on YouTube today..just looking at some videos and I came across to these videos called "Deal or No Deal". It's basically a game show that revolves around the opening of a set of numbered briefcases, each of which contains a different prize (cash or otherwise). The contents of all of the briefcases are known at the start of the game, but the specific location of any prize is unknown. The value of each of the boxes is indicated by a label or card sealed within it.

The contestant claims (or is assigned) a briefcase to begin the game. The case's value is not revealed until the conclusion of the game.

The contestant then begins choosing cases to be removed from play. The amount inside each choice is immediately revealed; by process of elimination, the amount revealed cannot be inside the player's chosen case. Throughout the game, after a predetermined number of cases have been opened, the banker offers the contestant an amount of money and/or prizes to quit the game, the offer based roughly on the amounts remaining in play and the contestant's demeanor. The player then answers the titular question, choosing:

* "Deal", accepting the offer presented and ending the game, or
* "No Deal", rejecting the offer and continuing the game.

But this one in particular is not about the game but something really hilarious.... as in there's a surprise guest in the show and the contestant doesn't even know it until the host directly tells her who it is....

This is seriously funny. I laughed so hard I almost had a tear in my eye! Just watch....

This one is the Australian version... and it is soooooooooo sad.... I felt like crying for the contestant.

--------------Something random---------------------

My drum kit (the Black Pearl) shockingly resembles alot to Jason Bitner's drum kit. The drummer of Shadows Fall. And what's more shocking is that the dream kit that I'm building is going to be 90% like his drum kit.

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