Thursday, January 15, 2009

No. 6 ~ The Language of Drumming ~

OMG! It's coming!!!!!!

SOMEBODY...PLEEEEASE GET ME THIS DVD!!!!!! It's the man who is one of the grooviest drummer the world has ever seen!...Not to mention, he reminds me of Jesus. (laughs*)

I'm getting famous! The past few weeks, people in Music Schools, Music Stores, and even Food Courts, the waitresses recognize me! Or they'd go.. "HEY, you're that crazy drummer dude!" or "Hey, I know're that guy who played the drums in the Singapore Drum Competition thingy right?"

and my favorite one, "You are...Raymond right?... My staff members told me alot about you! Great stuff on YouTube dude, I heard you know play drums in SIB Skyline?"

That's for you Ps. Philip Lyn! ;)

So what's a guy like me to do, other than being humble, is that knowing that I'm respected by many musicians and other people as a drumming phenomenon. I'm gonna take that chance to spread the Word of God and share my faith! What can I say... God's awesome! He loves me too much! (laughs*) And I love him too! I'm a Jesus freak! and a drum nerd... =P

---Love God, Make Disciples, Transform Communities!---

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Andrew said...

LOL! awesome! :D..