Sunday, April 26, 2009

No. 17 ~Tony Royster Jr.~

When it comes to Tony Royster Jr., there is only 3 letters that sums up the whole thing about him... O.M.G. !!!! He is probably one of the craziest -young drumemr I have have ever seen and heard. His drumming is really out of this world...

Tony Royster Jr. was voted #1 Up and Coming Drummer by Modern Drummer magazine 2000 readers' poll and has been voted #2 in the UK 2001 readers' poll. And believe me when I say this, do not underestimate him. He's currently 23 years old.... but watch this video when he was only 12 years old!

Amazing right!!!

watch him now!

Now he has groove and amzing techniques that just blows my mind that he can play better than that video (when he was 12 years old)

This video show his ability to work with a band with double bass drums....and I love his groove.

That's the thing, the groove, I do not know about you, but I find this is close to becoming a fact. Black guys who plays drum has the most amazing licks and grooves! Dont believe me? I'll let you see all the goespel drummers that I like on my next blog.

Anyways, Tony Royster Jr. is one of my all time favourties because he is living the dream. Endorsed by DW Drums! That's my dream! The DW drums will make you drool!

Currently Tony is touring with big hip-hop artist Jay-Z. This video shows how nice Jay-Z's concert is with Tony by his side.

Tony makes Jay-Z sound 1000 times better in my opinion.

My salutes to you Tony Royster Jr.
Hopefully I might have a chance to drum with you!

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