Monday, April 20, 2009

No. 16 *Update on What's New*

Hello everyone, just want to take a break on "the drummers that I like" posts and just give you all a short update about what's been going on with me.

Well, about a 3 weeks ago, I was called up by a local magazine "BandWidth", and they said they wanted to interview me for their April's issue. I was very excited that they wanted to interview me, an 18 year old guy who just loves to play drums. =) So anyway, those of you who wants to get the mag in K.K, you can find them in San Francisco Coffee, and other local music stores. For those who wants to read it online, go to

The cover...

The content...

For those who are curious because you saw my site on the mag, yes, I am a Christian. Currently worshiping at a local Church. Jesus Christ is my personal Lord & Savior so do not get confused when I said "Creator" in the interview.

Recently, I had my exams, it was hard.... Very fail. =P My exams only lasted for 3 days(Wed to Friday), after that, my college friends and I went to the computer lab(which is also a cyber) to play Left 4 Dead (a first person shooter game). To release our tension and stress, and we went to the K-Box to sing and drink ourselves silly (except for me who just drank Coke) on Saturday night from 8 PM to 1 AM. It was a really fun time, funny how a friend of mine got drunk with only two glass of Tiger Beer. "Thank God my friend was not driving that time." Currently enjoying the 1st day of my 3 week holidays, drumming and playing my PS2.

So yea, that was overall what has been happening recently, what about you guys?

P.S. Do drop by my website as I continue on with my next fav drummer... Tony Royster Jr. (YEA BABY)

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