Friday, July 3, 2009

No. 23 ~Famous + good = extremely overrated ?~

Okay, so the title in itself will probably explain to you the two drummers are definitely famous, good, and without a doubt overrated. Reason why I am doing this is because many have given false information about these drummers and have exaggerated their talents on the drums to a point where it is unrealistic!

Now this post is not meant with any intention to rip on these two drummers but to really help many young drummers and non-drummers to open up their mind in showing them that there are many other "unknown drummers" who are either just as good and (in my opinion), better then the ones that I am about to mention...

Famous, good and overrated drummer no.1
Travis Barker
Now many of you will probably know him from the band Blink 182 with his speed and ridiculously famous showmanship in literally whacking on the drums. But he is in no way the only "good" punk drummers in this world.

In my opinion, he is a good drummer, but I would strongly recommend that no one should try and copy his style of showmanship and drum setting because it is unethical.

Watch this video first before reading on...

As you have noticed, it may look cool to drum like that, but it will definitely increase your chances of having nerve and wrist damage in your hands. Other than that, if you set your drums similar to Travis' set up, it makes it extremely hard and challenging to play around the drums with ease. Plus, without any proper technique, setting up the drums like that will probably cause any drummer to have back injury if they are required to play songs like these or songs that are much faster....

In conclusion, Travis Barker is a great drummer, but not reasonable to follow his style of drumming and drum set-up. But here are the few drummers that I would recommend to follow and see for yourself if they are of equivalent to Mr. Barker.

Tre Cool from the band Green Day.
Who is probably one o the craziest punk drummers I have ever seen.

Mike Johnston former drummer of the band Simon Says. Currently a drum teacher.
One who is more than just a punk drummer but also extremely versatile in many other styles.

Famous, good and overrated drummer no.2
Joey Jordison

In the music genre of Metal, the drummer that is on every one's lips is a Slipknot member by the name of Joey Jordison.

This Metal drummer is pretty much known for being a member of Slipknot. His drumming has many licks that includes double pedaling and fast singles around the drums.

But probably one of his most well known drumming is not in any of the songs but this particular drum solo that he performed infront of a huge crowd with a li'l element of surprise in his performance that got everyone up on their feet screaming for more.

Overall, Joey Jordison is an okay drummer and can pass as a heavy metalist but by far cannot surpass to the metal drummer that I am about to show. These heavy metal drummers do not need any introduction and any words. The videos that I'm going to show you says it all.

The drummers are Derek Roddy and George Kollias!

Derek Roddy

George Kollias

So there you have it my fellow readers. The drummers whom I consider you all to put into your knowledge as being amazing and no longer "unknown" drummers.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. God bless.

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