Sunday, July 5, 2009

No. 24 ~Terry Bozzio & Chad Wackerman~

When these two names come to my ears, I have to say holy #@$!. You will all now why once I show you their drums, especially Terry Bozzio's kit.

The major thing about these guys' playing is that it is not your ordinary, "fast drumming" or extreme drum solos. In fact, they have made something that is really out of the ordinary; making melody on the drums! (I am serious). And that is really not what you would expect to see or let alone hear from a non-melodic instrument. And because of that, they require drum sets that are massive and having each tom, and bass drum tuned differently.

First off, let's talk about Chad Wackerman, he was the first one that really brought to my attention that drums can be melodic! And this was the video that really opened up my mind to having new ideas to be more creative "in a melodic" sense besides just making rhythm.

In this video, his right hand and both feet are providing a 7/4 time signature rhythm, while his left hand is free to lead a melodic fill all around. Soon after at 1:40, he lets his feet to do the rhythm and his hands continue with a solo that is a mixture of rhythm and melody which is one of the coolest thing I have ever seen.

F.Y.I. yes, he composed that melody.
Now, the man with the biggest arsenal of drums known to man. Terry Bozzio.

Although he has been ridiculed by alot of people because of his unnatural approach to playing the drums, I believe he brings out something new, original and not just having a big drum set just for the sake of having it.

He has played in numerous bands such as Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and his latest project with KoRn.

His drum set is what I would consider as the biggest drum set in the world.

This is his current set-up. (Excerpted from Wikipedia)


Vertical Low Timbre drums in olive ash burl finish with satin chrome lugs and black powdercoat rims. All heads are Terry Bozzio Attack signature in clear mylar

  • 10" snare tuned to D
  • 13 - 8" x 3" piccolo toms - tuned from high C to a low C
  • 12" solid craviotto snare tuned to B
  • 8" x 3" piccolo tom tuned to Bb
  • 8" x 6" tom tuned to A
  • 4 - 10"x 6" toms G-F-E-D
  • 10" x 8" tuned to C
  • 12" x 6" tuned to B
  • 12" x 8" tuned to A
  • 13" x 9" tuned to G
  • 14" x 10" tuned to F
  • 16" x 12" tuned to E


All cymbals are Sabian Radia Terry Bozzio signatures.

  • 21" ride
  • 16" china below 8"china
  • 18" china below 10"china
  • 14" china w/12"crash stack below 7"china w/6"crash stack
  • 16" china w/14"crash stack below 8"china w/7"crash stack
  • 18" china w/16"crash stack below 10"china w/8"crash stack
  • 20" china w/18"crash stack below 12"china w/10"crash stack
  • 20" china below 12"china
  • 22" china below 14"china
  • 36" Chinese gong (behind right w/beater on cym boom)
  • 10" hihats
  • left remote china hi hat 16" over 18"
  • spoxe hi hat
  • 12" hi hats
  • lp tambourine
  • 12" heavy bell under 8" cup chime
  • 11" heavy bell under 7 1/2" cup chime
  • 10" heavy bell under 7" cup chime
  • 9" heavy bell under 6 1/2" cup chime
  • 20" flat ride w/20"china stack, under closed14" flat bottom hi hats, under factory metal , under pete englehardt ribbon crasher
  • 26" B-20 radia gong on dw custom 3 point gong holder designed by Terry
  • 20" crash w/20" novo type china stack
  • right remote china hi hat 16" over 20"
  • 6" closed flat bottom mini hihat
  • 7" closed flat bottom mini hihat

Foot operated

  • 12" Chinese gong or
  • 8" x 3" foot tom tuned to
  • 10" x foot tom tuned to
  • 12" x foot tom tuned to
  • 10" hi hat
  • Vic firth/emil richards jingle stick
  • Wooded headed tambourine
  • 12" wooden headed djembe
  • 16" x bd tuned to F
  • remote china hi hat 16" over 18"
  • 20" x 12" bd tuned to C
  • spoxe hi hat
  • 12" hi hats
  • 20" x 16" main left kick drum (muffled) tuned to Bb
  • Metal tambourine shaker or tb special tambourine foot plate jingle device
  • 20" x 16" main right kick drum (muffled) tuned to G
  • 24" x 14" bd tuned to A (w/ akg d-112 may mic)
  • right remote hi hats 16" over 20"
  • 18" x bd tuned to D
  • 18" x bd tuned to E
  • 20" x 8" bd tuned to B


  • Glockenspiel
  • 36" wuhan Chinese gong
  • One octave set of wuhan Chinese bossed gongs

Now when you put these two monsters together, you'll get probably one of the most amazing site to behold for not just drummers but also all musicians.

Up until today, this video is one of my personal favourite drum solo and also can be considered as my favourite drum song! Keep on drumming and rock on Chad Wackerman and Terry Bozzio.

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